Our Publication Principles

The main function of iyimi.net website is to find the facts and convey them
to the public as soon as possible and with the full information that can be
obtained, without distorting, exaggerating and under the influence of any pressure.
No one can be humiliated or condemned in publications because of their race, gender
, social level or relationship, religious beliefs or physical defects.
restricting freedom of thought, conscience and expression; No broadcast can be made
that would shake the general moral understanding, religious feelings, and the basic
foundations of the family institution.
Nicknames and expressions that humiliate, humiliate or slander individuals and organizations
beyond the limits of criticism cannot be used.
No one can be declared “guilty” unless his guilt can be determined by a judicial
The news whose investigation is within the scope of journalism cannot be published
without being investigated and without specifying what results are obtained from
it and / or without being sure of its accuracy.
Unless it is in the public interest, news cannot be produced by methods that can
be considered as an attack on the personal rights of the person concerned, such
as using a hidden camera, secretly recording audio, and trespassing on private
It is essential to always behave in a balanced, factual and objective manner in
researching, preparing and publishing news. The opinion of the accused party is
included in the published news. If the person concerned does not respond or
cannot be reached, it is stated in the same news. No summary or changes are made
in the published quotations that would cause the person to be incomprehensible
or ridiculous. The source and date are clearly stated in the published quotations.
All public opinion polls are published by clearly stating the name of the
institution conducting the research, whose request and financing it was carried
out, the date and the number of people interviewed, and the research method.
Broadcasting that encourages or incites violence and bullying, negatively influence
s children, and incites hatred and enmity among individuals, communities and
internationals is avoided.

The right of reply and rebuttal arising from wrong publications is respected and
necessary action is taken.
iyimi.net creates mechanisms that are activated on a regular basis for the purpose
of correcting the error.