About Us

Established in October 2021, our web site iyimi.net offers  the World agenda, health, economy – finance, sports, women – fashion, technology, etc. It provides information flow to its users by examining the current status of many content.

It is ensured that the reader follows the agenda with the contents it contains on many topics such as economy,
technology, entertainment, sports and health. All of the news content on our site is prepared impartially
and transmitted to the readers. All the details that exist on our site without any confidentiality are clearly
communicated to you, our valued readers.

As of the ideas we adopt, we are not affected by the direction of any manager or institution, and we act together
with the principle of public’s power of information and freedom of broadcasting. However, we do not aim
to correct the people or the government. We present content by making use of news sources that have been
prepared with a completely general point of view and have not added any comments.

All the news content we make is in compliance with the law. As stated by the laws of the Republic of Turkey,
special permissions are obtained for all personal rights such as pictures, text, information and copyright in
the published news content, and our texts are prepared in accordance with these rules.

The analysts of our website, which was established at the end of 2021, evaluate the topics from the perspective
of the citizens, prepare the most needed agenda news instantly and present them to our site visitors.

In this way, you have the chance to be aware of many ordinary situations that are just one click away
from you without being left behind with up-to-date information. The contents of our site allow many
people to obtain information from the past, present and future by acting only as an intermediary.